Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The L Word: What is Cheating?

Here is my next media recommendation: 
Season 5 of The L Word, Episode 10 "Lifecycle."
Here is a link to watch the episode: http://www.lwordseries.com/page/2/

The characters are sitting around a campfire, playing "I've never," and they all discover they have all cheated on a girlfriend. Interestingly, they all have different ideas of what "cheating" is. (Here's my plug for everyone discussing with their partner(s) what they think of cheating so that they are sure to know what their boundaries are.)

Start at minute 42:15 and watch for about three minutes.

We were both impressed with the fact that "monogamy" and "open relationship" made it into the conversation. Not only do I love this show for its hot eroticism of lady sex, but it does a pretty solid job of exposing different relationship and LGBTQ issues.

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