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As a sex educator and relationship coach, I (K) also want to invite anyone to send me an email or leave a comment with relationship questions. I would love to act as a sounding board, to respond with my own feedback to your situation, and to provide you with emotional and practical support. This would mean that I would post your question and my response to your question on my blog, although you can of course remain anonymous.

I have my Masters of Public Health in Health Promotion, and much of my coursework and practical knowledge was done in the field of sexual education, human sexuality, and sexual violence prevention. In addition, I have done a ton of my own research, reading, and experimenting in the subjects of relationships and human sexuality (as evidenced by this blog). I am currently enrolled in a Masters of Counseling in Marriage, Couples, & Family Therapy so that I can better serve people in nontraditional relationships (queer relationships, open/nonmonogamous relationships, etc), and especially youth and young adults in those relationships. I would love to engage with my community of readers in providing emotional support and advice. So, send in your questions! :-)

I have also recently started guest blogging for DatingAdvice. Please check out the site and definitely read my posts!! :)

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