Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One on One Chat Advice?

We'll see.

I was invited (as I think were hundreds of others) to join Wizpert- a site you can access "experts" on a variety of topics and ask questions via an instant messaging app. I engaged in my first chat tonight, and it was an interesting conversation about fantasies, albeit a balance to make sure I wasn't just helping someone get off (not that that's a problem, it just wasn't my goal in joining the site) and yet also responding to their questions and comments. You can see the widget on the left side of my blog, which will take you to my Wizpert profile page, and if I'm online, you can chat me! :) 

(You can also, of course, still email me/us.)

I also have made this blog a little less anonymous, as it is now linked to our/my Google+ page. Just so ya know :)

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