Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mindfulness Meditation Resources

I have been such a nutty person these past few weeks (which J can certainly attest to). I love school, and I hate school. I love learning and I love reading and I love synthesizing new information... but I hate being busy. I hate feeling like my to-do list is literally never-ending and that it's possible that, this time, I won't get it all done.

Speaking of which, there is yet another class I may take this semester, more of a workshop really. But I am trying to hold myself back for the sake of my mental health, and for the sake of my relationship with J. (thank you, love, for being so amazing and supportive)

So in the event I don't go to this amazing-looking workshop, on Implementing Mindfulness in Therapy, here are some resources I found on the facilitator's website:
I love applying mindfulness to my own life; it's been immensely helpful in managing complicated emotions, especially within the context of relationship issues. I'd love to hear from others about their favorite mindfulness articles!

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