Sunday, November 4, 2012

Having Sex to Connect & De-Stress

The benefits of sex:

Huffington Post

Lower blood pressure, better sleep, stronger pelvic floor muscles, relieves pain, creates deeper intimacy, burns calories, boost immunity, relieve stress, etc.

If I am ever feeling stressed out for whatever reason, I find that if J and I are physically intimate (which includes cuddling, massaging, and/or having sex) my stress no longer is the predominant force in my mind. I can look at my stressors, but they don't control my emotions in the same way that they did before we were intimate.

Today was a really good example. I was feeling overwhelmed by PhD applications, by the unresolved emotions from a break up, and general feelings of anxiety. He hugged me and after a little bit, we had some awesome and raunchy lovin' time. I felt totally zoned out and blissed out. I stopped thinking about the things that were bothering me, and focused on the present state of connecting with him. I left reality and just sort of floated for a while. We got our hearts pumping and felt each other and fantasized together. And afterwards, it was like my mental state was reset and I was pretty much back to normal.

Some bonus info about our raunchy sex:

-We shared some steamy fantasies about gangbangs, both planned ones and ideal ones. It was hot, hot, hot!!
-J figured out how to make me come buckets. And I mean buckets. Apparently a lot of pressure on my mound while he penetrated me built up a ton of pressure until I couldn't take it anymore. And then it was a glass worth of come that came shooting out. Insane!

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