Sunday, August 12, 2012

My First Day :D

My first day of stripping.
Power. Exhibitionism. Communication. Money. Satisfaction. Dancing. Exercise. Sweat. Shoes. Red. Black. Skin. Naked. Makeup. Smiles. Sexy. Music. Dark. Grime. Old. Young. Twenties. Ones. Sore. Blisters. Exhausted. Happy. 

I loved it. And I have another shift scheduled for tomorrow. I hope the blisters on my fingers, sore legs, and bruises all get enough rest tonight so that I have the energy to do it again tomorrow.

The girls were sweet, a couple were really hot, a couple were amazing dancers. The staff was helpful and patient. The customers were respectful and paid me money. Which was awesome. Hopefully I can rock it again tomorrow!! :D

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