Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Quite Possible...

To get yourself off in the car. While driving.

I would know... because I have now done it!

It must have been all of J's raunchy text messages since he has been gone to help some family move. I was feeling so tired and antsy at the same time, and then I just knew: I have to get myself off. It was the same kind of dire need that I remember feeling when I was super horny in junior high and high school. I unbuttoned my shorts, and my hands knew what to do. It was pretty amazing.

(Don't worry; there were hardly any other cars on the road at the time, and I was so horny, it didn't take long!)

I have so, so many posts to work on this week on ideas and experiences from the past couple of weeks! But stay tuned for lots to come (pun intended!)

Peace, love, and happiness, and lots and lots of sexy sex!

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