Friday, November 1, 2013

New Site! SexualityReclaimed

Okay, folks, I am transitioning to a new website:

I have received a lot of encouragement in the past year or so and a lot of support recently to finally have a more autonomous site, and I am taking the plunge.

I have also been wanting to redo my site for a number of reasons:

This blog started out as a means to detail our transition from a monogamous relationship to an open one, and while it has remained a place for that, I also write about many other things: experiences with my family, my journey in stripper-land, book reviews, other media that I think is thought-provoking, and my educational experiences that I am undertaking.

To reflect the broad issues I discuss, I wanted to rename my blog. Sexuality Reclaimed seems like the main undercurrent of my work, and covers relationship diversity, love, sex, politics of the body and work (related to sex work), feminism, and other social justice issues. I also was tired of having a blog that named my project by something it wasn't (that is, J and I have been working on not operating within a paradigm of monogamy, and I want a site that is named by what it actually is and does).

I also want to take some time to think about, if and when I become very publicly out, how much detail I want associated with my professional identity. Right now, my stance is one of high transparency. You will see that on my new site, I have imported all of the posts from this site. I may decide to make some of them private; I haven't decided yet.

Anyways, I will be posting all of my posts on both sites for the next couple of months. And then I will be saying goodbye to this site. I hope you follow me to!

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