Friday, October 25, 2013

Therapy Student Syndrome?

(like Medical Student Syndrome?)

I seriously don't know some days...

Oh god! I'm not differentiated enough from J! Or from my parents! Or from my friends! Or from anyone else!

Oh no! I create double binds!! How awful! (Another blog post on that to come, I think)

I ruminate. I can be pessimistic. Gottman's divorce indicators?! Oh jesus.  

Do I have signs of major depression? Schizophrenia?? 

I'm anxious! Tendency to be OCD! 

And more!

I'm also human. Like all y'all and everyone. (Side note: I'm definitely leaning toward a theory of therapy that is based on present-moment experience, mindfulness, and not pathologizing of experience and emotions. Whew)

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