Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sexual Fluidity

My next DA post went live!! Love this one- it's about my adventures from straighty-straight land to the land of the queers :D Haha.

"My First Time with a Woman"

Here's the first part:
"My personal journey around my sexual orientation has been kind of breathtaking, especially as I look back on it.
When J. and I opened up our relationship more than two years ago, I identified as straight.

I had grown up in an LGBTQ affirming religious community and was part of my Gay-Straight Alliance in high school.

I definitely identified as an ally to the LGBTQ community, but I never saw myself exploring sex with anyone other than a cisgender man."
Another thing I would add to my post is something that I finally realized and was talking to M about the other night- that I was continually fascinated by the idea of tits growing up. I wanted to see and touch friends' breasts. I wanted to really, really bad. I can't believe my desires didn't enter my consciousness until J and I opened up.

How fitting this post went live on the day of our Pride Parade!! :D Which was also so lovely. Brunch and parade-watching with some of my favorite people in the world=one happy, happy girl.

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