Sunday, May 5, 2013

Speaking A New Language- Add On

I meant to put these two points in my post yesterday, and I forgot! :)

-The feelings of irritation and neutrality I had in my dream were accompanied by general feelings of discomfort. But it wasn't a negative discomfort. It was just "this is a new situation, and it's not bothering me like I expected to, and so it's a strange experience." I have talked about that a lot with my counselor, because even if I experience something positive (like taking care of myself by speaking up about what I need), it can feel really uncomfortable if it means breaking old habits and patterns. So I found it interesting that I had that thought process in my dream (this situation is fine, and I am not upset, but I feel uncomfortable because it's new and I'm not freaking out like I would have before).

-I used to have a recurring nightmare when J and I were in college: that I cheated on him. I would wake up stressed out, anxious, and crying. Lo and behold, I haven't had one of those dreams for over two years.


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