Thursday, January 24, 2013

"He's just not asking for that much"

I met a lovely friend the other day for a drink, and she and I talked all about our individual journeys into the open and poly communities. She was wonderful to talk to, and I feel so lucky to have her a part of my sexy friend community!

One thing she said near the end of our conversation was completely heart-warming and touching. She was explaining her own struggle with finding out that her boyfriend identifies as poly, and after a month of being angry and confused, realized "He's just not asking for that much. He's just asking not to cheat on me." For some reason, that line almost brought tears to my eyes. I think it was the simplicity and boldness. The reminder that we choose how to live our lives. We can choose to adjust expectations or we can choose something else. We can choose to practice inquiry and reflection and we can choose to grow. And it was the reminder that loving others is an amazing thing, and really, what is harmful about that? (My internal answer: simply nothing)

He's not asking for that much. He just wants to love other people in the way that feels natural to him. He just wants to love me. He just wants to be honest. He just wants to live an intentional life. He just wants to have a healthy and happy relationship with me. 

Thank you, A, for being so amazing and fun to talk to. 

I <3 sexy friends.


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