Friday, November 30, 2012

Marriage & Family Counseling??

I feel like I am all over the place. But in the past few weeks I have become increasingly interested in being a marriage and family counselor. Here is part of the statement I have written for one school:

 -->"I have navigated complex and non-traditional intimate relationships and desire to work with other couples and families navigating non-traditional and alternative relationship structures. In the course of this navigation, I have had a difficult time finding a therapist who could understand and validate my experiences, perspectives, and feelings. I feel a sense of hope in thinking about being the therapist I have always wanted for myself...
I hope to contribute to the field after finishing the program by being a progressive, open-minded, and compassionate therapist for individuals, couples, and families choosing alternative and non-conforming relationship structures. I wish to be an advocate for those in less traditional relationships and help people in these relationships understand that their needs and desires are valid and to subsequently help them have the healthiest relationships possible."

I feel into this. Comparing to how a PhD program makes me feel, this seems like a better fit for me. I want to have a highly practical degree, with which I feel like I can make a difference, a client at a time. The compassion and interpersonal skills that counseling takes seem to be natural inclinations of mine. My biggest concern with a Marriage & Family program is the foundation which, from what I know, is highly monoga-normative. I am fairly confident that my own background will help balance out those messages and frameworks. Now I am just stressed out trying to get applications done by the priority deadlines (early to mid January). But I am grateful that I have a life where I can investigate, research, and follow the things that give me pleasure.

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