Sunday, September 23, 2012

Maria Falzone on Sex Nerd Sandra

A big, big shout-out to Maria Falzone.

I hadn't heard of her before listening to Sex Nerd Sandra's most recent podcast, but she is absolutely funny and fantastic. (I don't know why I hadn't heard her name before!) She is the epitome of sex-positivity. She understands and promotes the connection between positive sexuality education and sexual violence prevention. She creates her presentations for people regardless of gender or sexual orientation. She doesn't promote abstinence exclusively; instead, she thinks people should be sexual when they are ready. Readiness is defined by the time when people are able to say clearly, this is what I like and don't like. You can do this, this, and this to me, but not that. Readiness in her mind, is defined by the ability to say both no and yes to sex. My only gripe is that she didn't mention relationship diversity and being open to both monogamy and nonmonogamous relationship configurations.

She was fascinating to listen to, and a great comedian. Check her out!

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