Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Magic Bullet Does Not = Magic Wand

J and I are visiting with family this week for our spring break. Here is one exchange that almost made me pee my pants, and gave me stomach cramps and asthma.

Mom (on the phone with sister-in-law, talking about babies and baby food): Oh, we need to blend up the food? You use a magic bullet? I think I only have a blender. (turning to me): Do you have a magic bullet? Do your parents ever use one?

Jeffrey (looking at me from across the room): Uh,.... (frickin' huge smile)... no, just a blender.

Me: (too big of a smile for talking about baby food and blenders) Uh,... no, just a blender. (I don't even know what the hell a magic bullet IS, besides maybe a term for an awesome bullet vibrator!)

I had to literally leave the room. I sat on our bed with the door closed, cracking up, looking at MY "magic bullet" (my Hitachi magic wand). J walks in, cracking up. "Yeah, maybe you should go hand her YOUR magic bullet!!" as he turns it on high and throws it on me.

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