Thursday, December 8, 2011

Excellent Guide to Understanding & Managing Jealousy

I found reading the following post by Kathy Labriola, a Berkeley counselor, amazingly helpful in my continued work on jealousy:

Reading this made me feel strong; sometimes confronting and managing jealousy can make me feel small and little and weak. But reading all of her advice, tips on communicating, and successful stories of people who work through jealousy made me feel energized to continue working through jealousy. Sometimes I feel like jealousy issues are hush-hush, like it's such a "nasty" feeling and we just don't talk about such things. But it is so helpful for me to talk about it, and hear how other deal with it. When people pretend that it doesn't exist or that they have never had jealousy issues come up, I feel lonely in my process. Kathy's guide made me feel in community again.

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